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Body idioms на английском

There are a lot of various idioms in English. Today we’ll have a closer look at body idioms. Please remember, we can’t change any single word while saying them.

1. To be a bundle of nerves – to be extremely nervous
🫀 Example: I was a bundle of nerves before my exam, but I calmed down once we got the questions and started to work.

2. Birthday suit– nakedness
🫀Example: There I was, in my birthday suit, when the doorbell rang.

3. Eat, sleep, and breathe (something) – to have a strong passion for something, to think about it constantly
🫀Example: Joe eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. Don’t even bother talking to him about anything else.

4. Brain drain– departure of talented, well-educated individuals from a place
🫀Example: Venezuela is experiencing a brain drain right now, with many professionals leaving for other countries because of bad conditions at home.

5. Blood is thicker than water – family relationships take precedence over others
🫀Example: My uncle will help us. He and I have had some disagreements, but blood is thicker than water.